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E-mail Etiquette video. Rebecca Lamperski of ComCast interviews
e-mail expert, and author, Al Borowski.

Learn e-mail tips and techniques from a pro as Al Borowski interviews Mike Wierzchowski, IT professional.

"Thanks for the great presentation you gave our Butler Chapter.

We all enjoyed your wit and humor as you gave us good information on how to write e-mail and communicate more effectively....You have given us another tool for our arsenal, that may make all the difference!

You are a unique individual who knows how to entertain and teach at the same time."

John Savage,
Program Chair

Effective E-mails
More Than Etiquette - Results

E-Mail Magic Turn Your E-Mails Into Profit Centers

Let the E-mail Magician, Al Borowski, turn your boring, ineffective, immediately-deleted e-mails into money-making messages.

 Wait! This is not the latest Internet marketing promotion.

In this program, you will learn common sense, easy to apply, and time-saving techniques to make your e-mails come live with customer-attracting excitement. 

These techniques are so easy to apply, a seventh grade dropout could quickly learn to profit from them.

The secret of these techniques is that they go beyond the normal Top Ten List you find in a Google search on the web.

The Magic is that these tips help you make your e-mail messages come alive the same way your sales and presentation skills create excitement and sales for your products or services. 

Read that last sentence until you understand it. Then contact
Al Borowski to bring this fun filled, information packed, profit generating experience into your organization. 

 Remember, the Magic is in the message, not the medium.

 E-mail expert, Al Borowski, shares e-mail tips that focus on your image, your results, and your security.

"Sloppy e-mails cost corporations big bucks"

Please read this Pittsburgh Business Times article that  featured comments by Al Borowski.

Keynote Presentations
(30 to 60 minute presentations)

The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

Breakout Sessions or Department Meetings
(90 minute to three hour sessions)

The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

(Three-hour to two-day sessions)

The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

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The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly! 


The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

What Every Executive Needs To Know About E-mail

The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

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The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

The Proper Use of Voice Mail and E-mail Promotes Customer Service

Time-saving E-mail Tip

Please call 1-877-902-3314 to arrange dates, times and topics.

Please call 1-877-902-3314 to arrange dates, times and topics.

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Communications Skills

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"We appreciate your taking the time to fill in as a last minute speaker for our Opening Session...

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend your session but the feedback was absolutely outstanding. Beverly Murphy told me that you provided a lot of good information in written form that we definitely intend to implement at our office.

The excellent feedback to us both orally and written assured me that your presentation certainly added substance to our conference."

Roger Christensen, President
Western PA Safety Council

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP
Certified Speaking Professional
Professor of Positivity

Connect all the Dots
PO Box 24505
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
877-902-3314 Toll Free

Contact Al
Writing effective e-mais with training from a National Speakers Association member International Listening Association business e-mail etiquette from Certified Speaking Professional
E-mail etiquette expert, Al Borowski

Seek knowledge. Pursue Wisdom. Share the wealth.

The Communication Skills involved in sales, telephone skills, customer service, presentation skillswriting business letters, listening skills, effective email  and training the trainer come together when Al Borowski helps you Connect All The Dots. Al's high energy, content-rich, fun-filled presentations help business professionals get the complete picture when they speak, listen or write.

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