Discover sales training techniques from two seasoned professionals

A  four-week series of Seven-Minute MP3 downloads of an interview of Al Borowski by internationally known sales trainer, Chris Lytle.

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In many of my programs, participants learn that Communication means 'Caring' and 'Sharing.'

With that in mind, please allow me to share with you MP3 downloads of a telephone interview I did with internationally known sales trainer,
Chris Lytle, author of 'The Accidental Salesperson.'

In this best-seller, Chris gives readers the road map for excelling in sales.

Each week for the next four weeks, I will send you the link to a seven-minute portion of my interview with Chris.


In Week 1, you will learn:

*** the biggest drain on company computers

*** some of the biggest mistakes people make in creating e-mails

*** three things to consider before you hit the send button

*** how many people destroy their images with e-mail and don't
even realize it

*** why bolding, italics, color, emoticons and fancy fonts can
hurt you more than help you

*** how to use attachments correctly, when not to use them at all

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In Week 2, you will learn

*** three ideas that will help you with your business writing and
with creating e-mails

*** how to save time, get better results and project a more
professional image when you write

Do not assume you are writing according to today's business

For example, do you know what 'cc' means in business and e-mail
writing today? Hint... It doesn't mean 'Carbon Copy.'

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In Week 3, you will learn

*** the qualities of a good e-mail message

*** how and why e-mail and voicemail are similar and why they
should be approached in a similar manner

*** why people are not getting results from the e-mails they send

*** how people waste a lot of time when creating and sending e-mails

*** the most dangerous button in e-mail

*** how to use e-mail as a sales tool

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In Week 4, you will learn

*** how to deal with objections

*** how to disagree with people in a very professional way

*** four rules of using voicemail as a business tool

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